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Cyberman Cosplay construction 7 of ?

Jan 8- Jan 15: Weeks left 4

Woo hoo baby, we are rocking and rolling now. As the convention draws near I am having to really roll up my sleeves and get to work. Luckily I was able to get into the shop this week and we got some great work done.

We edited the chest piece as it was a little bit big for me, haha. Once we cut it down to a size that works for me we need to see if all the pieces worked and try it on. Gorilla tape is perfect for cosplay foam. It doesn’t hold too hard but is sturdy enough to let me move in it without it popping or moving. I put on the under armor and the rubber gloves and it really starts to feel right!

We cut out the foam or the thighs and the pants in the front. We had already thought about how to attach things but now it really needs to be in the front of your mind when you starting holding the foam pieces up to your body. We made and cut the tape pattern in the back so we can place any Velcro or clasps towards the back. It’s crazy how much this is really starting to come together.

We also got the boot cover pieces finished. Sometimes the pattern can be difficult to read or understand and we had to make these twice in order to get them the way we wanted them.

This next week will be adding the light in the front of the chest piece, working on the corset and getting started on the gloves. I need to get all the foam cutting and fitting done so I have enough time to paint it all and get all the Circular Gallifreyan details on….. everything.

Stay Mythic out there Geeks!

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