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How to make what we make

from Studio Ghibli Films Like Spirited Away & My Neighbor Totoro

Soot SpriteS

Alright. Geeks around the world have been begging us to show you how we made these!
(Be sure to watch the
VIDEO of us at con if you don't know what we're talking about)

THEN: Buy the needed supplies below:


Puffballs - set of 8

*Make sure to buy the all-black set!


*make sure to get the "1.2mm*8mm*50mm" size!

White Felt

*for eyes

Glue Gun

Telescoping Pointers - set of 4

*Make sure to get the 47" size!

*Purchase 2 sets if you want enough for all 8 puffballs!


*optional to make sprite able to remove from the stick & connect to something else

Black Felt

*for pupils of eyes

Glue Sticks

LAST: Go share some serotonin with your new Soot Sprite friends!

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