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Shawna Hafen

Artist - Dungeon Master - Cosplayer Extraordinaire
(she/Her, They/Them)



Force Witch/Jedi (yellow saber)

Timelord (The Artist)

Starfleet Command

-Favorite Properties-

 Critical Role, Dimension 20, Doctor Who, Star Trek,

Star Wars, Marvel, Hogwarts, Steven Universe

-Other Favorites- 

D&D/TTRPGs, Game Master, Drag, Voice Over, History,

Time & Space, Clever & Thought-Provoking Writing,

Creative Art Choices

-BTS Biases- 

Suga & J-Hope (bias wrecker: Jungkook)

-Special Moves-

Story Weaving, Magical Linguist, Master of Spatial Manipulation, Lunar Warrior, Absorb Attention,

Universal Balance, Natural Leader

-Special Tools-

Cloak of Cosplay, Blades of Warding,

Dungeon Master’s Guide


Executive Disfunction, Pressure of Endless Accomplishment, Eternally Tired, Ramen


Rule 408 - Time is not the Boss of You


17 Intelligence

18 Wisdom

19 Charisma

 9 Strength         

16 Dexterity         

12 Constitution    

Fae Monk/Bard (Level 17)
Chaotic Adorable,

Jack of All Trades,

Neurodivergent, Ace, Leftie


Circular Gallifreyan Art

Gallifreyan Commissions.png


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