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No Accent? No Problem!

  • Example phrase for Tools “I am always watching” 


  • Character’s Background / Culture / Subculture / Personality  

  • Top stat? 

  • 3 adjectives to describe them 

  • Archetypes: Hero, Sage, Intelectual, Lover, Fool

TOOLS (don’t have to use all, but can use some)

  • Body language/gestures (narrating ok: no visual, neurodivergent, etc) *example

  • Facial expressions/eye gaze *example

  • Pacing (it’s not about the speed of the words, it’s the length of the pauses) 

  • How much they talk (pauses can be “dialogue.” Be aware & don’t step on them. Silent characters, feel free to narrate) *example - also for dm narration not just PCs & NPCs

  • How they say it (emphasis) *example

  • Tone/pitch (Jo & Shawna explain physical difference) *example 

  • Texture/placement (gravel, breathy, smooth, nasal, lisp, stutter) Don't over-spice! *example  

  • Vocabulary (high class, low class, subculture)

  • Catch phrase (best developed naturally in game, but can be planned ahead with intention)

Go back & apply “TOOLS” to “Things that Affect”


  • How do the tools change when the character’s emotions change? 

  • Why do we use these tools? So you as character & you as player are distinct “I wanna see what’s over there around that corner” (prevents confusion & conflict) 

  • Warning: can you sustain this? Or will it hurt after a while? Also, if it ends up changing, that’s ok. 

  • If you didn’t intend for something to be funny, but it gets laughs or eye rolls, lean into it - It can become celebrated. 

  • If you intend for something to be funny, use caution, read the room, is it the right time? (the higher your insight, the funnier you get)

  • If it crosses another player’s comfort boundary, stop. If something crosses your comfort boundary, communicate.

  • Q&A TIME

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