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Cyberman Cosplay Construction 11 of ?

Feb 5- Feb 12 Weeks left: 0!

The last week of cosplay construction is always the hardest. You are desperately trying to get everything finished, fix any problems that arise in the cos test, and keep your stress level at a manageable level. Oof, it’s a lot.  Fortunately, the excitement of the con, seeing things coming together and the promise of friends and family keeps you going!

I worked on the Design for the cape, put it through the Cricut and we transferred it to the cape. A simple detail but very fun to recreate.  It’s great to have a Cricut now to help with those little details.

In the shop we were all a buzz with the cos test.  Getting the “collar to stay on with basically binder clips (but stronger) we placed them on the helmet and made sure I could move around in the suit.  By placing a fan at my back in the corset blowing up my back and into the helmet was a fantastic addition. 

Then came all the Circular Gallifreyan. I thought, ‘This will be easy for me and only take a few hours.’ After DAYS of drawing on the circular gallifreyan I was spent.  It’s a beautiful effect and I wouldn’t change it.  From all the reference photos I had gathered I tried to make it as screen accurate as possible,but I didn’t have reference of the back of some pieces.  I decided to write the names of those who helped me make the suit, the names of the Doctor actors, and the names of the CyberMaster Leader creature actor and the classic creature actor of the Cyberman as well. 

Now it’s about packing this thing in a suitcase and making sure it doesn’t get munched before getting there. Good vibes Geeks and we will see you at the con!

Stay Mythic out there Geeks!

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