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Cyberman Cosplay Construction 9 of ?

Jan 22- Jan 29: Weeks left -2!

Ooooh It’s almost done!. The pieces are almost assembled and painting is underway!  Sorry sorry, let me back up a bit.

Spikes were glued to the boot covers, thighs, pauldrons and bracers. Each of these spikes is a different size and needed to be put on in a certain order.  The Bracers were made and a foam “weapon” attached to the right arm.  It’s amazing how much detail there is just in structure alone.  We had a big conversation about what details to keep and what aren’t needed. 

A corset was purchased and and fabric was placed over along with silver painted foam strips. The hardest part of this was making sure to stretch the fabric enough that, when put on me, it wouldn’t break or tear. The fabric piece is velcroed onto the corset so it can be placed at just the right amount of stretch.

Also, the biggest news of all: the collar came in! Thanks to a friend, I was able to give him the design and he laser cut the piece out for me and sent it.  It looks absolutely amazing!! I can’t wait to spray paint it gold and attach it to the helmet.  These cellar pieces are going to be removable for transport and storage reasons.

I started working on spraying Palsti-dip on some pieces, but it snowed and has been really cold, making the paint want to dribble instead of spray. It’s also making things dry strangely. So This next week I will be adding Velcro and attachment parts to everything and painting everything when the weather is better. 

Stay Mythic out there Geeks!

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