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Cyberman Cosplay Construction 10 of ?

Jan 29- Feb 5 Weeks left : 1

It’s so close Geeks! The excitement is starting to show up. 

All pieces have been Plasti-dipped but still need a coat of Silver and a black acrylic was for the shadows to really define the pieces. Putting on the pieces and starting to wear it feels surreal.  I can’t believe we made this! The helmet needs more work and needs the “collar” as well as the Mohawk piece with the light.  I’m hoping the collar fits the helmet perfectly.

In the shop, Appa gives me a hand shake of luck as we start to assemble the last bits of the costume. We put Velcro on the bicep pieces to wrap around my arm, but really spent most of the time placing Worbla over the helmet (except the faceplate) to give the helmet the stability it will need to hold up the collar and keep its shape.  

Worbla is a funny material.  If you haven’t used it before, Worbla is a thermoplastic that when heated becomes malleable and almost leathery.  Once it cools it is a hard, ridged, cut table plastic.  It took all three of us to hold the helmet steady, heat up the Worbla and meld it around the helmet. It sticks to itself so you have to be careful that while heating it doesn’t touch anything you don’t want it to.  It cooled quickly and I tried it on.  It was hitting hard against my nose!!! An easy fix. We placed some cheek pads that will sit on my cheeks and take all the pressure off my nose.  It worked!

Next week, I need to paint, put on the circular gallifreyan, and make the cape.  Time is running out! Anyone have a TARDIS so I can get some more time on this?!?! 

Stay Mythic out there Geeks!

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