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Cyberman cosplay Construction 2 of ?

Nov 13-20 Weeks left- 13

Greetings from the shop! This week has been about gathering more reference shots, talking with friends who have already built parts of the Cyberman before and understanding patterns.  We are definitely getting somewhere! We decided that this first helmet would be a prop that Jo could use for her cosplay (more on that later) and so if it’s a little banged up or there are obvious mistakes that would be okay.  I can’t tell you how freeing it is to be like “This is the test run. Don’t worry about supplies. Don’t worry about fully getting it right. Just understand the process better and you’ve won.” 

Had a great big friend greet me in the shop this week. Everyone, this is Appa! Appa is the size of a miniature pony. 

Such a sweet heart!  

We continued our work on the helmet and started to get every piece put together and began the glue process. There was also discussion about how this Cyberman helmet is different than the one I would need to be wearing for the Cybermaster leader. It’s good to already be aware of the differences that would need to be made.  

When we ended our work in the shop, I noticed we didn’t get too far.  While we had plans for other parts of the cosplay, the helmet was looking more like an Aries mask than a Cyberman.  Maybe they are related somehow? Or one evolved from the other?? I digress. I knew there was more that had to be done.  Not only that, but the foam I was using was becoming convex on the sides around the cheek area.  Luckily, the foam I am using is malleable to heat but it was going to need some coaxing.

I took all the pieces home and talked to a friend about her build of the same helmet.  We got on a video chat and she was very patient with me as I slowly asked her which piece was what, and went where. Once I better understood what each part was for, I grabbed a test piece of foam.  I wanted to check different glues with this foam, how Plastidip held to it, and I want to practice the engravings of circular gallifreyan that will be all over the piece. I also coaxed the foam to shape around a head and bend the appropriate way so we wouldn’t have so much of an issue. 

I found out the dremel was going to be too hard to control in those circles and the wood burning tool I have does a pretty good job but adds weird bumps while it is burning away the foam.  I got one more idea at the end of the week to try an artists’s engraving tool so I ordered one to try this next week.

I’m starting to pick up momentum going into this next week.  Theoretically, I have more time to work on this project than I normally would (days off work), but I also have engagements (Thanksgiving) that I need to go to as well.  I’m staying positive and hoping to get more done!

Stay Mythic out there Geeks!

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