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Cyberman Cosplay construction 3 of ?

November 20-27 weeks left-12 

Well, I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to get into the shop this week but I was determined on getting something done over this Thanksgiving holiday. What I didn’t know was that the universe had other plans for me. While I *wanted* to be able to finish the helmet, Cut out and assemble all of the chest pieces, get to work on figuring out lighting for the chest piece, and much more. I instead got sick with a cold. And a bad one at that. One that took me out of commission for several days including Thanksgiving. That’s right, no Thanksgiving dinner for me with family and friends. I was able to have leftovers, but I spent the majority of the time sleeping and trying to recover. I’m not 100% but I am on the mend.

That being said, in the short moments that I felt well enough I decided to try and get a little bit done with the construction of the Cyberman. I was able to fully assemble (without the pipe of course) the Cyberman helmet as well as cut out all of the ½ inch thick foam needed for the chest pieces. I’ve never dealt with so many play mats in my life! I’m really understanding how to cut foam now though. Definitely leveling up in that department.

As for the engraving of the circular Gallifreyan, I’ve sort of reached an impasse. The engraving tool that I thought would be better doesn’t really do much on the foam so I think I’m gonna be sticking with the woodburning tool to do all of the hard Gallifreyan in the chest pieces and arm and leg pieces. When it comes to the helmet however, the engravings are so small that I might just paint them on. It’s not worth possibly fully messing up the helmet in order to woodburn such small engravings and details onto it. I think this is a good compromise.

Anyway, I plan on getting so much more done this upcoming week and I do plan on going back into the shop. Wish me luck on my road to recovery and not falling too far behind in making this cyber man actually come to fruition. Thanks for reading and stay mythic out there geeks!

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