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Cyberman cosplay construction 4 of ?

Dec 4-11 Weeks left- 10

We kept plugging away at the shop. Appa watched us as we worked on the chest piece (It’s really starting to take shape!) and the shoes. It was a flurry of foam, sanding and glue!

The chest piece was a bit of a puzzle to figure out. We finally had to watch a bit of a doctor who episode to see the back of the chest piece and understand how all the parts align with each other. The other thing I noticed immediately, and I was warned about this, was how big the pattern was.  We might have to cut and sand some pieces down so it fits me. 

We were really excited to work on the shoes because we got to make our own pattern for this.  We decided to give me a little height by working with a platform shoe (Just like what I did with the Minotaur so many years prior) and began heating foam and curving it to the shoe. Once there were a few pieces of that I glued them together to push out the toe more.  When you have 5.5-6 size feet and you try to add height, it can look like I’m on my toes the entire time. We sanded and beveled a top and things are really starting to come together. I can’t wait to add little details to the top and around the leg!

After the shop, I had a huge setback in my personal life which grinded things to a halt for the weekend. The file for the Circular Gallifreyan is almost ready to be used. I knew this was going to take a lot of weeks, but I’m starting to worry If I might be falling behind. Might have to kick it into high gear for next week. Stay Mythic out there Geeks!

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