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Cyberman Cosplay construction 5 of ?

Dec 11-Dec 18 Weeks left-9

As the holidays approach, I’m finding less and less time for cosplay construction and more and more time for shopping.  It will soon flip (and probably give me whiplash) but until then I see how many weeks left and how much of the to do list there is and I’m starting to sweat a little.

This week, I finished the Cyberman “collar” and made the appropriate file for it to be cut out.  I’m having this outsourced to a friend who knows what they’re doing to help time and skill level.  Let this be a lesson: It is okay to ask your friends for help with your cosplay! Especially if they know what they’re doing. No harm in asking. I can’t wait to see this collar when it is all done. It certainly is the “statement piece” of the outfit. I’m excited to see how it turns out. 

I wasn’t able to head into the shop this week, but that didn’t stop me from working at home. We decided to get some pattern pieces done of the rest of the boot and my thigh.  We also made the Cyber man “pants.” How do you make patterns you ask? Any cosplayer will tell you all you need is a LOT of tape and some scissors. Yup, tape. You put the tape sticky side up around the thing you want a pattern of (In this case, the boot or my thigh) and then place tape sticky side down over that. Gently cut off the tape and you are done! 

It looks pretty weird when it comes off you, but it works like a charm.  I know these pieces will fit because we used my body as reference. We only made a pattern for on leg and half the pants because you just make a reflection on the foam and you have the rest.  I know plenty of cosplays who have made armor patterns, corset patterns and plenty more with this useful hack.

Next week, I’m hoping to get more details done on the shoes and chest piece so we can start thinking about the corset. I’m getting close to having most of the big pieces done and then….. the devil is in the details.  Stay Mythic out there Geeks!

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