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Cyberman Cosplay construction 6 of ?

Dec11-Jan 8 Weeks left…now….5!

Hello, Happy Holidays Geeks. It’s been some time since I last updated this blog and quite a few things have happened in the interim. Holidays have happened; a New Year has come to us. And there has been…..a little bit of work done on the Cyberman. This holiday season I was gifted the FLU! It really did a number on me (so much so that I went to Urgent Care on Christmas Day) and it has taken all this time to really feel like I’m back to full health. And with this New Year and new energy, I’m starting to get my drive and ambition back again.

We were able to pattern out and make the knee pieces which was an interesting process. Going from a convex to a concave motion in one piece was definitely interesting. We took out time really getting the pattern to the right size and shape in a tag board first before making it out of foam. They are going to sit and attach at the top of the boot.

We also created a pattern piece and made the pauldons (shoulder pieces) within this time. We own some other pauldrons and looked at them for general sharp and sizing before making our pattern.

Still not back to my full health at this point, I did what any normal Geek would do: fret. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to finish everything within the deadline and that the cosplay would be partially finished. No one wants to see ( and I don’t want to wear) a half finished CyberMaster Leader. So when I fret I usually start to try and reassure myself. It was a great moment to pause and see how much I had already finished and notice things I still had not acquired!. I needed an athletic long sleeve undershirt to go under this whole thing! I needed gloves to build the hands from! I needed a way to strap this whole thing to itself and to me! It was crazy that I had missed do many of these crucial details. The rest has been ordered and most have already made their way to me so I can use them in the shop this week.

Just like the Cybermen, they aren’t a villain in every episode and then all of a sudden, BAM! They are back! And also like the Cybermen, I warn you, I’m ready. Prepare to be “DELETED!” …or amazed…. I don’t know the analogy really got away from me there.

Stay tuned and stay Mythic out there Geeks!

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