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Cyberman Cosplay Construction 8 of ?

Jan 15- Jan 22: Weeks left 3

Details, Details, Details! This week really came together, every pun intended. We worked hard on what needed to be assembled and Appa worked hard at keeping the floor from floating away.

We glued all the little detail pieces onto the chest piece. I really makes the whole thing look Amazing! We were able to put a frosty piece of plastic and place it where the light goes to diffuse the light a little.  I tried it on and it fits great! I can get in and out of it, by myself if needed, and it doesn’t impede my mobility too much. 

We also started gluing the boot covers and molding it where they go. More details need to be put on this. It’s working though. Slowly but surely it is getting done.

I also found myself under the very tedious task of making, cutting, glueing all the finger segments onto the gloves.  If you have never waited for glue to dry and set, you don’t know what boredom is.  When it’s on the glove however, it really looks awesome!

This next week, I have the hefty task of glue and assembling EVERYTHING! I want to be able to put everything on and make sure it fits and works before I start painting everything.  The con is less than a month away and I’m really starting to sweat. Good thoughts for me friends.

Stay Mythic out there Geeks!

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